🇬🇧 What we can learn about blockchain from tech-startup history

There is a lot of talk these days about blockchain technology and its potential implications for the future. But what can we learn from the past when it comes to tech entrepreneurship? In this podcast, we take a look back at some of the past events in blockchain history and compare them with similar events in tech start-up since the 1990's. We also explore how web3 technology is changing the landscape for entrepreneurs, and what opportunities are available for those looking to get involved in the blockchain space.
Tanja Bivic Plankar has been an active member of the blockchain community since 2017. She has led and participated in numerous blockchain-related media campaigns and several blockchain technology projects due to 12 years of experience in television broadcasting, digital media, public speaking and communications.

Since March 2018, she is also the president of Blockchain Alliance Europe. Blockchain Alliance Europe is a non-profit organization that connects companies and legal entities that use or implement blockchain technologies or are a part of the blockchain ecosystem. Blockchain Alliance Europe advocates for mass usage of blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies and aims to transform Europe into a global blockchain destination.

The alliance was established with the purpose of mutual assistance in business development, networking, cooperation and education, all with the goal of mass adoption of blockchain technology and digital assets.


Guest: Tanja Bivic Plankar

Host: Jesper Bram

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Jesper Bram
Jesper Bram
Host of Metaversecast.fm | Innovation Facilitator at Andel | Founder of Online Change Makers | Digital Futurist | Internet OG
Tanja Bivic Plankar
Tanja Bivic Plankar
Tanja Bivic / president of @BAllianceEurope / coordinator of blockchain group at @digitalnaSI / pr*communication* blockchain at @netis_group @aceblockcom /
🇬🇧 What we can learn about blockchain from tech-startup history
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