🇬🇧 From sports journalist to Web3 builder

In this podcast, we talk with Alex about his journey from sports journalist to web3 builder. Alex is an agency founder and has been working with various technologies to solve interesting problems and build things in the XR/Web3/Metaverse space. We discuss the current technologies used in the industry and how they are helping to shape our digital future.
Definitely an episode for you if you are curious about choosing technology like blockchains and AR/VR to build your career. Alex provides great insights into the advantages and disadvantages of different technologies and how they can be applied in various industries.

We also discuss the importance of community and how to get involved in building for Web3. As someone who is relatively new to this space, I found his insights and observations to be really valuable. If you're looking to get started in web3 building or just want to learn more about the industry, this is a great episode for you! Thanks

Guest: Alex Kunawicz

Host: Jesper Bram

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Jesper Bram
Jesper Bram
Host of Metaversecast.fm | Innovation Facilitator at Andel | Founder of Online Change Makers | Digital Futurist | Internet OG
🇬🇧 From sports journalist to Web3 builder
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