🇬🇧 From skin art to digital art: a story of bold artistic development

When Clare Von Savage learned about cryptocurrency and then NFTs, she went through a personal and creative transformation. She is not turning back now. We discuss how she discovered NFTs, how she developed her own skills, and how she's currently running an online community that is completely from the ground up without being technical at all. Starting from nothing and going all in on NFTs has been a wild ride, and Clare is here to tell us all about it.
Clare's tale is really inspiring. She went into the vast unknown alone, with no one in her closest circles knowing what it was or why she would want to get involved. This episode is a must-listen for any artist looking into the NFT market.

Guest: Clare Von Savage

Host: Jesper Bram

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Jesper Bram
Jesper Bram
Host of Metaversecast.fm | Innovation Facilitator at Andel | Founder of Online Change Makers | Digital Futurist | Internet OG
🇬🇧 From skin art to digital art: a story of bold artistic development
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